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Packet ​


JCCCA Bylaws

jcss org chart.png

JCSS Organizational Chart

jcss strategic plan.png

JCSS District Strategic Plan


CCRPI Report

special events and marketing media.png

Marketing and Special Events


JCCCA Culture/Climate

CCA Annual Report.png

Annual Report

SWSS Contract.png

SWSS Contract

Fact sheet.png

JCCCA Fact Sheet

enrollment tables.png

Enrollment Data


JCCCA Governance Board Roster

jccca org chart.png

JCCCA Organizational Chart

JCCCA Strategic Plan.png

JCCCA Strategic Plan

JCCCA Logo transparent.png

CEO Presentation

Semester MOU with CGTC.png

CGTC Semester MOU

CEO Goals.png

CEO Eval: LKES Contributing Professional

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.png

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

CEO Job Description.png

CEO Job Description

pathways table.png

Career Pathways

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